Help & Support

  • What is Works with V?

    Works with V is our way of saying that these are compatible devices from trusted third parties that work with our V-Sim by Vodafone (for our ‘On the Go’ range) and can be used with the V-Home Service plan (for our ‘Home’ range).

  • What is the V-Home Service plan?

    The V-Home Service plans are designed to give you extra peace of mind when it comes to monitoring your home. The plan gives you access to a range of benefits. And thanks to our Price Promise, we guarantee that we’ll never charge you more than your agreed monthly price to use your V-Home Service plan.

    • V-Home Monitor
    • Monitor and watch what’s going on at home from the SmartThings app on your smartphone. If your devices trigger an alarm, you’ll also receive in app alerts.
    • V-Home 24/7 Alarm Assistant
    • If something unexpected happens at home and you can’t respond to an app alert or text message from one of your devices, our dedicated 24/7 V-Home support team will call you or your nominated contacts.
    • V-Home Video Service
    • With V-Home Video Service you can catch up on those important moments you may have missed with around 14 days access to video clips (capped at 10GB). The video service requires a Samsung SmartThings camera.

    Devices on the Works With website that are compatible with the SmartThings Hub may also be compatible with the V-Home Service and benefit from additional functionality. We will tell you if this is the case.

    The V-Home Service requires a SmartThings Hub purchased from Vodafone. SmartThings Hubs not purchased from Vodafone are incompatible with V-Home Service plans.

    Please be aware that if you buy a SmartThings Hub from our Works With marketplace, you must also take a V-Home Service plan to ensure the hub can communicate with compatible devices. Please see the V-Home Service plan terms and conditions for more information.

  • Who makes the devices in the Works with V range?

    These devices come from trusted third-party manufacturers and have been tested by Vodafone to ensure they work with our V-Sim and V-Home offerings. We, Vodafone is not responsible for functioning of the devices (except to the extent this is linked to our V-Sim or V-Home Service plan).

  • Who delivers my Works with V device?

    Vodafone receives, processes and delivers all of your Works with V orders. Please see the ‘Works With’ Terms and Conditions for more information on deliveries, returns and cancellations.

  • Are Vodafone responsible for the device itself?

    Vodafone is not responsible for the functioning of the device but does support connectivity issues related to the V-Sim (for our ‘On the Go’ range) and any issues you may have with the V-Home Service plan (for our ‘Home’ range). Please see the ‘Works With’ Terms and Conditions for more information.

  • I have a problem with my V-Sim connected device
  • V-Sim help and support

    For help with your V-Sim registration, subscription or overall service, please select the ‘V-Sim’ help and support section here.

  • Can I return my V-Sim Connected Device?

    If you ordered your device using or, please Contact Us.

    Alternatively, if you purchased your device in a Vodafone store, please return your device, together with the V-Sim to any one of our UK stores.

    If you purchased from another retailer then you will need to contact the retailer you purchased it from for information about their returns policy.

    If you are returning your device, it's also important that your cancel your subscription – you can do this using your V by Vodafone App. Simply tap on your Device tile, then tap on 'Service' and open 'More Details' to deactivate your plan.